When judging a M151 the following criterias will be used.

What we need to add is an agreed scheme to add or deduct points for each check item so that there is a common judging standard. Compare to the judging standards in the G503wiki for MB/GPW Jeeps, every item is described with correct paint, hardware, location,e.g. There is a long way to go for M151s.


  • Factory or
  • Motorpool

for all items 0 - 10 Pts

Running Test

  • Engine: Ease of starting, Noise, Smoke, Fluid leaks
  • Electrical: Service, Blackout, Stop, Signal Lights
  • Controls: Clutch, Brake, Steering, Choke, Throttle

Engine Compartment

  • Engine: Carburetor, Fuel Pump, Generator, Regulator, Distributor, Intake and Exhaust Manifold
  • Cooling: Radiator, Hoses, Belts, Cap
  • Electrical: Battery, Wiring, Wire Looming and Clips
  • Other: Inner Fenders, Motor Mounts, Brackets and Braces


  • Axles: Tires, Wheels, Brake Drums, Brake Lines, Fuel Lines, Differential Joints
  • Drive Train: Drive Shafts, Transmission, Transfer Case, Absence of Excessive Leaks
  • Suspension: Springs, shocks, Frame, Absence of Excessive Rust


  • Paint: Color, Originality, Application and Condition
  • Front Body: Bumpers, Fenders, Grill, Hood
  • Rear Body: Bumpers, Fenders
  • Cab: Windshield, Windshield Wipers, Doors, Canvas
  • Markings: size, Color and Originality


  • Dash: Steering Wheel, Data Plates, Instruments
  • Seats: Frames, Upholstery, Mounts
  • Cab: Floorboards, Firewall, Under Dash
  • Passenger Area: floor, Seats, Upholstery, Canvas, Straps


  • Standard: Tools, Fire Extinguisher, Jack, Spares, Manuals, Log Book
  • Optional: Radios, Weapons, Medical Supplies, Spares

Overall Vehicle Display

  • Extra Credit for an Informative and Creative Display; 0- 30 Pts

Restored Vehicle Class only

  • Extensive Restoration Performed or Supervised by Present Owner; 0 - 30 Pts

Judges Discretion

  • Points added for such items as Workmanship, Special Features, Originality or deducted for major defects; 0 - 30 Pts
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