NDCC: Non Directional Cross Country round cross section

NDMS: Non Directional Mud and Snow more rectangular cross section

Radial tire sizes: 7.00 x 16 corresponds to 215-85R-16 e.g. BF Goodrich Trailblazer A/P LT215-85-R1

TR15 inner tube air stem on 7.00×16 tubes. This is the short fat stem that is correct for the M151 rim.

Correct Cotter Pin for securing nut on wheel spindle: (be advised to use this quality, TM warns that if you use anything but this cotter pin may results in loosing your wheel, some people have had real life experience with that !)

5315-00-011-9120 = MS24665-287

Part Number: MS24665-287 Description: COTTER PIN, 3/32” X ” 1-1/4”, Carbon Steel AN380-3-5

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