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Body Serial Number Help



Body Serial Number Help

Postby m75 » November 30th, 2017, 8:03 pm

OK, this is NOT directed to Ken, who has already weighed-in with a response to my inquiry.

I have what is believed to be a 1976 M151A2, horn date is 4-77, tag on the transmission side cover reads (top line) 11639700, (bottom line) B151-20580.

A previous owner registered the truck as a 1970, probably to avoid California smog regulations. The data plate has a cobbled-together number that does not match any other typical series ID/ number. I do believe that the truck enjoyed a service life with the California National Guard.

Ken asked if there was a possibility of this truck having been reworked from an M825 or ambulance. Everything on the body suggests this was always a regular 1/4 ton M151A2, and other than a hot water heater and MWO-compliant ROPS, it seems to be stock.

Ken stated that there is essentially no record of a "B151-xxxxx" series registrations, mainly C151 series, and an individual five digit number was far beyond the four-digit nmbers he has a track on.

Question: Does any G member have a similar "in the ballpark" body ID number? If so, can you provide any data that can help narrow my search for my truck's true identity?
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