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Re: New to me m151a2

Postby Txjeeper81 » November 9th, 2018, 8:41 am

Thanks glad someone from here got to see her at WOH.
Still a work in progress, actually set the idle and mixture screw per manual last night and WOW hard to believe that 675 is the correct idle the engine just sounds so quite like the engine is going stall.
Manage also last night to have a freeze plug pop out on meat a high RPM, the plug right behind the exhaust pipe and yes I used sealant on them (not silicone). I think my problem may be two issues 1: the plug was not installed far enough in the block and 2nd the radiator cap seems a lot stiffer springs than the other two m151's that my friends have so may be building to much pressure. I ordered a napa cap going to compare the two.

Then it will finally be time to apply the camo :)
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Re: New to me m151a2

Postby m3a1 » November 11th, 2018, 9:10 am

You'll probably hear from some naysayers after I post this but, YES, on older vehicles such as ours, particularly ones that are no longer being run hard, having a slightly lower pressure cap will help to ensure longevity in a variety of areas, not the least of which is older radiators which are expensive to fix. I ran a full service auto shop at one time (in hot, hot Texas) and we went out of our way to get customers on board with this (who cared enough to bring us their older automobiles).

I'm proud to say we gave them these Stant caps for free when they had other service work done. Sadly, finding a place who really cares about the customer and his/her ability to enjoy many additional carefree miles with their older car is becoming difficult.

All that aside, I'm finding it very hard to believe normal operating temperatures would push a properly installed freeze plug out. I'm not dismissing your installation. What I am saying is maybe you should be looking for another culprit.
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