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Post by Rainman » February 25th, 2008, 9:05 pm

Hey guys,
I've been looking into how to replace my hood #'s after the paint, maybe decals, or the Larsen route.
I have learned that 2" are the most common size used but not in my case. My hood numbers are 3" and
the U.S. ARMY is 16" in width. Doing a little research, I learned that 2" are the most common, but in
1964 3" were used. That all fits with the year of my Kaiser. Here's the part I didn't learn, what were the
shape of the periods in 1964? It's hard to determine if or what shape the periods might have been behind
the U. and the S. in what I've sanded so far. I think what's throwing me is that there is a coat of light blue
paint on this thing, and I haven't sanded down through that layer to get what is showing here. Any guess
as to what I should find under there, square or circle periods? No star was found on the hood, also a
possibility with the 1964 M151. As you can see, this M151 has all it's tags and numbers, just no unit


There's not a lot of info in the archives here yet about locating lost hood numbers & unit ID Not sure how
much more sanding I'll do on this before it goes to the blaster. I've done all the obvious places for unit
numbers and find nothing on the bumpers front or rear. Any suggestions before it's too late? With Ken's
help I have a plan to save the body tag on the inner fender. These pictures were pretty painless, I'll get a
few more of it on here if and when progress is made.



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Post by cstaup » February 26th, 2008, 8:00 am

Image poster seems to be broke

I used light coats of stripper and a clean razor and found the hood and bumper numbers. Albiet the unit numbers were unreadable C-1?? (or 4 something)but the 101AB stood out real well.

The star should be 15" in diameter and hood #'s 2" or 3". I prefer 3" for the "pop" factor. 2" for the bumpers.

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