AM-2060A / MT-1029 Mounting issues

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AM-2060A / MT-1029 Mounting issues

Post by Shotgun » August 1st, 2017, 3:48 pm

I bought an AM-2060A and MT-1029 mount awhile back as a set. Everything is OK, so I tried to check out a spare AM-2060A and it does not fit. It won't slide in/seat all the way and is about a 1/8" or so below the MT-1029 mount. I thought maybe the MT-1029 mount has play, but it is a fixed plate. So anybody had a problem like this before? There isn't anything obstructing the AM-2060A or mount, it sits flush against each other, but when you try to seat it all the way, the keys and plug are off. It's not an NOS shelf queen, and it has been around and had some use in its military life.

Any suggestions would be helpful and thank you all in advance.
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