WTT, M16A2 Military resin gun for M16A1 - located

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WTT, M16A2 Military resin gun for M16A1 - located

Post by Bart1015 » May 19th, 2016, 12:19 pm

Hello Guys/Gals,

I have a military trainer resin M16A2 thats in excellent shape. It is clearly a casting of an original gun as all of the markings from the original gun were transferred to the resin model. I painted the flash hider orange with water salable spray paint.

I am looking for the same gun in the M16A1 version to be used with my M151A1. This one is more appropriate for the M151A2 trucks.

It has a real barrel and flash hider, front sight and bayo mount.

It is marked:


As of now, I am looking for a trade, however if I am unsuccessful, I will sell it. If interested, please PM your email address or a cell phone and I will send pictures.

Pray for our Wolf Hunters.

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