WTS Sino-Soviet SKS

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WTS Sino-Soviet SKS

Post by Bart1015 » June 21st, 2017, 12:11 pm

Hello all,

I have a nice Sino-Soviet SKS I am selling. This gun was built in china with the Russian's tooling and oversight. Date of manufacture for my gun is around 1962-69. This is NOT the standard Norinco gun. This is as close to a Vietnam SKS as you can get for a reasonable price.

This is a surplus gun military gun that has been through a military rebuild and the bbl has been counter bored. The stock, receiver, trigger group is matching (7 mil SN), the bolt and carrier is not numbered to their gun, but they are numbered the same, the bolt cover is a non-matching Russian replacement dated 1951. This gun has no "forced matched" parts, and it has the correct blade bayonet. The BBL is very nice and is chrome lined. It is import marked on the barrel.

The metal finish is excellent, the stock is beat up but serviceable.

At one point, before I was into Military Vehicles, I was really into SKSs. I have owned at least 30 different SKSs from Russia, China, Albania, Yugoslavia and Romania. I ended up selling most of them as "sets", one from each country. I ended up selling what I need to sell to fund another project. Now, I am just thinning the safe out.

I bought this gun from the importer (TGI) who bought a large lot of these from the country of Albania.

I will try to post pictures this afternoon. If interested you can always PM with your personal email or text number and I will send pictures.

I am looking to get $500. I am a FFL 03 and I will ship the gun to any other FFL that will accept an 03 from California.

Pray for our Wolf Hunters.

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