European Get-Together - Summer 2018 - August 1st until 5th

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European Get-Together - Summer 2018 - August 1st until 5th

Post by richard » April 9th, 2018, 4:46 pm

We will organize a special event for historical military vehicles. Special and unique, because we have not found any get-together in Europe like this in the past.

From August 1st until August 5th 2018 we will organize a get-together in the southern Lüneburger Heide, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Hereby we invite all owners of vehicles of the G838 family (includes M151, M718, M825 and all variants like A1, A1C, A2). While this event is only open to family members, unfortunately all other military vehicles must stay at home. Civil cars, campers and trailers can be parked in a separate area of the off-road park.

We will open the campsite in the off-road park near Wesendorf, starting Wednesday, August 1st in the afternoon. You can plan the afternoon and evening individually by yourself. Use your own grill or explore the neighborhood for typical German restaurants. Because of warranty and liability the off-road park will be open from Friday until Sunday for your driving experience. Please be patient and don’t use the tracks earlier.

The real event starts on Thursday, August 2nd. Until noon all participants should be at the off-road park so we can start in time for our first guided trip. Using back roads we will drive to the skylift museum in Fassberg. Well known for the “Rosinen-Bomber” airplanes used after WWII to help West-Berlin to survive. We will have a guided tour there. Back to the off-road park we will enjoy the campfire, having a hearty soup, conversations and more. Let us see how short the night will be.

After breakfast on Friday, August 3rd, we will start our second tour by using back roads in the direction to Munster with a lunch break. In Munster we will have a guided tour at the tank museum. After this impressive visit of steel from several decades we will drive back to Wesendorf where we will have a BBQ. Who cannot wait any longer, the off-road tracks are open for a first test.

On Saturday, August 4th, we will stay at the off-road park, having breakfast and time to explore the off-road tracks. The big sandbox for men (and women) is open now. If you like to learn more, getting more driving experience, you are invited by our instructors. We offer in three groups an off-road training, Saturday morning, afternoon and Sunday morning. Don’t be afraid, you should not destroy your M151. There are several levels of difficulty, but you can stay away and the terrain is light sand, forest and heather ground. In the evening we will have a BBQ again.

Sunday, August 5th, after having breakfast, the off-road park is open for you. If you missed our instructors on Saturday, you can participate in a morning training.

We hope you like this package. Come and meet other G838 enthusiasts, talk about your hobby, have fun, make new friends across Europe. Perhaps we will see each other again – in another European country?

The entry list is open from now onwards. We would be very happy to welcome you and to meet as many G838 members from Europe as possible. See you in Wesendorf.

Please refer to the PDF files for further information. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Invitation: ... r_2018.pdf
Map: ... d-Area.pdf
Entry Form: ... r_2018.pdf
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Re: European Get-Together - Summer 2018 - August 1st until 5

Post by rickf » April 10th, 2018, 8:21 am

I would LOVE to come over there. Even just to hang out and beg rides from others. My pension just does not allow that kind of expenditure though. Be sure to show pictures.
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