Car Show to Send Rosie the Riveter to Washington D.C. !!!

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Car Show to Send Rosie the Riveter to Washington D.C. !!!

Post by Elvis Presley » May 17th, 2018, 2:03 pm

Man - I must be getting stupider by the day! I finally re-figured out how to post a picture - one small step for man!!!

Okay - I was asked by the by a giant group of Rosie the Riveters over at Willow Run (while I was happily polishing a shiny B-17G) to ask my fellow military vehicle friends to come on out and support a really cool event!!
They are hosting a car show in Belleville Michigan - just a hop skip and a jump from the Historic Willow Run Bomber plant to help send the Rosie Drill Team off to Washington to march in the Fourth of July Parade !!!! Pretty cool in my book !!!
Everyone is invited to bring out there iron and show it off - New stuff, old stuff, OD green stuff, pretty much anything!!!
(If you're really good, you might even get an autograph from a few real-life Rosies!)

Check out the flyer and stop on by!!

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