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stoves and lanterns

Posted: September 12th, 2014, 11:07 am
by whiterabbit
Picked this stove up for a few bucks a few months back. I had to solder a fitting that was leaking but runs like a champ now! I also drug out the old lanterns and cleaned them up. I had to sandblast the tops and repaint them. This paint is a perfect match so if you need to touch up your gear get a can. I found the paint at the same surplus store as the stove.
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Re: stoves and lanterns

Posted: January 17th, 2019, 10:52 pm
by m3a1
These double burner stoves go way back. I have a stack of these. It's been a while but I think my earliest goes back to early 1940s.

Generally, they were to be used for medical purposes (in-the-field sterilization). But, as you might imagine anyone with the means of carrying one (privileges of rank) might have one to make life just a bit more bearable. BTW, you should have the tri-fold wind cheater with your kit to make it complete. Early two-piece cases for these were constructed of aluminum. Lids started to show up in stainless steel at a later date as the aluminum lids were being used as frying pans and would eventually warp. Some lids will be found to be plainly marked with a caduceus (probably owing their being pilfered).

The general design of these has really not changed all that radically over the years. The fuel tanks are different and the central frame has changed several times (some even had a porcelain coating) but the fundamentals remain the same.