Good deal on random gun stuff

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Re: Good deal on random gun stuff

Unread post by raymond » January 12th, 2023, 1:45 pm

Definitely a scam.

915 area code is on the western point of Texas along the border of Mexico, not Wheeling West Virginia.

Want to see something funny: search their address of "3548 Columbia Mine Road Wheeling WV".

Must be dozens of stores in that little storefront in Wheeling :idea:

Unfortunately, there is a lot of this going around, with most of these places having hard to find parts at below (some way below) current market prices.

Over at and HKPro there is a lot of discussion of theses scam sites. For instance, A2 carry handle upper receivers are currently scarce to unobtainable unless you find a used one. Several of these types of websites, that only accept untraceable, unrefundable payment options and have a fishy phone number for the store location, and the store location does not match what you find when you do a search, have A2 with built in carry handle upper receivers for half the going price of used ones on's Equipement Exchange, which is almost lower than Gun Broker prices.

My advice is look and see if telephone number matches location then look at a street view of the so called business. And then if it only accepts untraceable unrefundable payments, IT IS A SCAM.

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Re: Good deal on random gun stuff

Unread post by Cobra5 » January 13th, 2023, 11:40 am


I definitely did more research are my posting and yes the phone number was from Texas for a business that was suppose to be in W Virginia. Also went on a few gun forums and found out that scam site are pretty common now. If you want to know the sites I found, google Korean surplus 30 cal carbine. The one thing in common is that they only accept payment in bit coin, zelle, apple pay or goggle pay but no credit cards. I did an online chat with a customer service representative from the site but I got a gut feeling it was a scam. So I backed out of the transaction telling them that my internet was working very well and just cancel my order for now and I'll get back to it later in the week. The reply I received was give me your account info. At that point I left the site. Thanks for the reassurance that this was indeed a scam site.


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