M151A2 CAV at Dover Air Force Base Air Show & Open House

this is a spot to post pics of your favorite mutt cause you know we all like to look at them.

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Re: M151A2 CAV at Dover Air Force Base Air Show & Open House

Post by rickf » September 18th, 2019, 9:17 am

The full ROPS limited fast entry and exit from the vehicle.
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Re: M151A2 CAV at Dover Air Force Base Air Show & Open House

Post by artillerydan » October 2nd, 2019, 12:41 pm

The CAV (Combat Assault Vehicle) M151A2 in the pictures is real. The roll cage / gun platform is real and 100% correct and original. Almost NONE of the FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle) / CAV modified M151A2 have "plumbing pipe" screwed together. This was only done on the very first batch of USMC FAVs with the rear facing brace from the front roll bar.
I have gone over both of "CBrinkers" CAVs in person (thanks for your time, appreciate you two showing me your toys) and I would say this, they are the "first generation" of the CAV modified vehicles. Differences can be dialed down on in a separate post.
The roll cage on every FAV or CAV goes completely through the cowl. They all have an extra layer of sheet steel across the top where the windshield would sit, NONE had "angle iron". Strange thing would be this. They all go through the cowl but do not get welded to the floor or any kind of bracket in the bottom. There is literally just 2' of pipe hanging on the underside of the dash. As far as why they did not use the ROPS and modify may simply be ROPS was introduced as an MWO in August of 87 and was not available when the first of these were built.
The CAV in the pictures again is what I classify as "early or first batch" I have seen 3 different layouts on the dash as far as switches and their locations. All have the aluminum glove box, & top of cowl mount for the M60 on a swivel
The "bullet deflector" grill guard is in essence angle iron (90 degree, L), Not just flat plates, so the bullet would not just ricochet up into the radiator, it would hit the back side of the L in the angle. Also the spare tire mounts to the front radiator protector. The shield on the hood is 1 1/2 kevlar plate, also the "fronts" of the fender mounted ammo stowage boxes have a layer of kevlar on them.
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