TM 9-2320-218-20-1-1

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Re: TM 9-2320-218-20-1-1

Unread post by muttguru » February 29th, 2024, 4:58 pm

Hello again.

Well, I tried the usual place for TM downloads (The Army Publishing Directorate) but there is no sign of the M151-related TMs.
However, I was amazed to find that the M416 Trailer TM is available (YES, still available) for download and is noted as "ACTIVE".

If you go here:- and then scroll down to TM 9-2330-251-14 & P it's there.

You can always contact Ft. Belvoir, the proponent of TMs, and see if they still have the M151 TMs in the "INACTIVE" storage....if they have one.

The contact details for Belvoir are on the link posted above so you can contact them by 'phone. Worth a try.

Kind regards....

Always wanted - Details and pictures of M416 Trailer data plates & M151 data plates & body-tags for my research. Thanks!

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Re: TM 9-2320-218-20-1-1

Unread post by rickf » February 29th, 2024, 5:51 pm

Found it but it sends you to another site where you need to login to download. My previous login does not work and I can't find a place to register over again. We have that manual on the site but I just wanted to see if it was different.
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Re: TM 9-2320-218-20-1-1

Unread post by ODRotorHead » March 31st, 2024, 2:00 pm

Thanks to everyone for your input and advice. I finally found an original copy of the -20-1-1 and bought it. It was painfully expensive, but not that much more that a new reprint. Now on to the 1988 LO and the -34 Series.

Wish me luck. : )

Thanks again.


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