Fil Bonica's Ignition Lock

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Fil Bonica's Ignition Lock

Unread post by glcaines » July 4th, 2023, 10:04 pm

I just installed one of Fil Bonica's ignition locks on my M151A2. This device is very well made and is making me feel more secure when I leave my M151A2 parked somewhere. During installation I had one issue. When I tightened the screw securing the knob, the back of the knob contacted the back of the lock and precluded being able to turn the knob. I suspect my knob has had some serious use in the past, and the switch shaft penetrated into the knob farther than normal. I simply sanded about 1/16 of an inch off the back of the aluminum knob and now all is good. It is impossible to see the surgery on the knob since it is on the back of the knob. I would highly recommend this locking device to anyone still using an original non-keyed switch.
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Re: Fil Bonica's Ignition Lock

Unread post by csmith » July 16th, 2023, 12:11 pm

Have one on each of mine for years, a simple excellent way of locking your jeep and keeping kids from switching on electronics when at shows.
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