Carburetor with to much fuel

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Carburetor with to much fuel

Unread post by Redlight » November 7th, 2023, 1:41 pm

I have a good amount of bad luck this year. I had to have back surgery in the spring. Tried to start my M151 and the motor and transmission was locked up. With the help of many friends I pulled the power pack out and disassembled, replaced the clutch and pilot bearings and put the jeep back together. It started and run fine. It moved under its own power up the driveway and then back into its home in the garage. Went to get state inspection sticker and found out at the end of my street that I now have no brakes.. Made it home and with help from more friends, replaced the master cylinder. Now has brakes.
New problem. It will not start and run. I was able to get it going once last week but it will not start now. I see fuel exiting the air intake after I try to start. I think that is now flooding. I use no choke and gas still pours out. I think that the float is not sealing properly.
I am looking to purchase a rebuilt kit for the carburetor. Where do I buy a new kit?
I remember that there are fresh manufactured kits online but I not found them.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Carburetor with to much fuel

Unread post by rickf » November 7th, 2023, 2:46 pm

Keep in mind that gas coming out of the inlet after a crank and no start is perfectly normal. This is the accelerator pump unloading a shot of gas as the vacuum collapses after cranking stops. If you think it is only flooded then choke off and hold the pedal to the floor and crank it for 15 seconds. If it does not fire then chances are it was not flooded. Another thing to consider is with the air cleaner hose off you are losing all of that gas vapor that was left in the mouth of the carb and normally in the intake hose that would be normally used for starting. Since this is a vehicle you have already owned and driven for a while I am assuming you are familiar with how it normally starts as the weather cools down? I buy all my kits for the jobs I do from Norfar. They sell modern kits made by Zenith and have all the stuff that is up to par for modern fuels. Part number will be K2167.

You do know that pumping the pedal before starting does no good don't you?
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