Before you ask

This is the place to get help with technical matters concerning your M151 jeep

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Before you ask

Unread post by rickf » November 5th, 2009, 1:17 pm

On this board we do the utmost we can to help diagnose problems with your mutt. I hear the same questions over and over again, the best one is "My mutt will not run right, what is wrong?". You may not realize how wide open a question that is. There could be a hundred different reasons for the problem. Please make sure of these basic items before you ask for help and it will make for a much faster diagnosis.

1 - Set the valve clearance
2 - Check and set points if you have them
3 - Clean and gap the spark plugs
4 - If it runs set the timing.
5 - If it does not run make sure it has fresh gas
6- Make sure it has spark
7 - Make sure the batteries are fully charged
8 - Make sure you are getting voltage to the distributor wire
9 - Make sure you are getting gas to the carburetor

Doing these 9 things before asking for help will a lot of the time solve your problem before you even ask and make you feel a lot better that YOU fixed it yourself.

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