WTB/WTT for M18a1 Claymore Inert stuff

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WTB/WTT for M18a1 Claymore Inert stuff

Unread post by retiredpara » April 1st, 2015, 10:47 pm

Gents, I need the following:
-Carrying bag for the claymore
-Inert wire spool/roll with blasting cap and plug end for the M57 firing device
-The two adaptors which screw/thread into the top of the mine

I have a couple good M57 firing devices and test sets I could swap or purchase outright if you would rather.

FWIW, the US Army versions of this mine always said, "Front Toward Enemy", while the USMC versions always said, "Do Not Eat".... :lol:

Thank you

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Re: WTB/WTT for M18a1 Claymore Inert stuff

Unread post by CARNAC » October 12th, 2015, 8:43 pm

I have bags and the wire spools. There is no blasting cap (real or fake) on the wire. Appears to be real ones that were set off but are in good shape.

They will be at the GA MV Rally if you know of anyone going there to save from shipping them. Otherwise they will be a medium flat rate for one or large flat rate for 2 through 4. Cost is $20 for the bag with spool.

BTW, just happened into this thread while looking for threads on tools which is why I hadn't responded before.
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